Price idea

To give you an idea of final costs, based on size and some sugar flower work. Prices set out below include a placement of 2 sets of sugar roses, hydrangeas, gypsophila and leaves, based on our most popualr flavours vanilla, chocolate and lemon.

All other design work will be quoted after your design consultation.

These prices are for fully iced cakes, each tier has 4 layers of cake, filled with the most delicious fillings. 

Each tier is covered in a shell of white chocolate ganache or buttercream before a layer of icing is used to cover the cake to achieve the sharpest edges.

Delivery & set-up is extra depending on the distance of the venue.

3 tiers

 5” 7” 9” - 95 Portions - £425.00 

4 tiers

4” 6” 8” 10” - 130 Portions - £625.00 

5 tiers

4” 6” 8” 10” 12” - 210 Portions - £845.00

Sugar rose example

Set of  white sugar roses, hydrangeas, gypsophila and leaves.