INVESTMENT, design & delivery

All of Fay's cakes are bespoke and therefore each quote will vary on your ideas, budget and vision.

Please refer to Fay's pricing guide below. 

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    It's not just a cake!


    At Fay's Cakes, Fay strives to make your wedding cake experience as stress-free as possible. Fay will be with you every step of the way throughout your entire cake planning journey, starting from your initial enquiry all the way through to the delivery and set up of your wedding cake.

    Our comprehensive service includes a personalised besoke design process, either online, in person or via emails to create a bespoke cake that perfectly complements your special day.

    To ensure everything runs smoothly, Fay will take care of coordinating with your wedding suppliers, florists, planners, and stylists, ensuring that the cake seamlessly fits into your overall wedding vision.

    On the big day, Fay works closely with your wedding venue coordinator to schedule the timely delivery and set-up of your cake in the morning. You won't have to worry about a thing, just sit back, relax and enjoy every moment of your wedding day, knowing that your dream cake is in capable hands.

    what is the cost of a bespoke design by fay's cakes

    Investment - Working with fay

    Every bespoke cake is unique from the inside out, making it impossible to provide set prices. Your cake will be tailored to your specific requirements and budget, along with various factors such as portions, number of tiers, the flavour combinations, and the level of complexities in creating your design. All are considered when determining the final price of your cake. 

    The price guide below will give you an idea of what you can expect to pay for a design by Fay, based on your headcount, the number of tiers, and different levels of decoration. A final price will be provided after a consultation, and your design has been agreed upon.

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      Fay's guide price


      1 SIZE; The number of cake portions & tiers. 2 COST; Ingredients & materials. 3 TIME; Required to create your chosen design from the initial enquiry through to delivery.

      Number of tiers

      Most popular portion requests

      What you can expect to pay for a Fay's cake at different levels of decoration


      45 - 60

      Average investment between £450 - £550+



      Average investment bewtween £550 - £750+



      Average investment between £750 - £950+ 



      Average investment between £850 - £1500+

      6+ or more tiers are made up using dummy tiers.

      Prices available on request for smaller or larger cake sizes.

      Other portion sizes are available. The above guide is based on 1" x 1" x 5" finger portions, giving the minimum amount from each tier.  You and your venue/caterer be given a copy of my portion cutting guide.

      We recommend catering for around 75-80% of your guests.

      I will guide you on what sizes are best, based on your guest numbers, design and budget.

      WHAT'S YOUR IDEAL BUDGET? Should you have a predefined budget, kindly inform me.

      We will work with you to stay as close within your budget and will provide alternative methods to meet your prefered aesthetic. 

      Fay will help guide you on size

      Design - how big?

      When it comes to serving cake at UK weddings, most couples prefer to offer it alongside the evening buffet. I recommend to cater for around 75-80% of your guests. During the design process, I will help you determine the appropriate size for your needs and budget.

      Our standard tiers stand at approximately just over 5" tall, made up of 4 layers of sponge with 3 layers of filling, should you prefer the look of even taller tiers extras sponges or dummy layers can be added for when extra portions are not required.

      A portion guide will be provided to you; however, this may vary depending on the final height of your tiers and how your venue cuts your cake. You will also receive an information sheet for your venue, which will include my portion guide, ingredient lists, and a copy of my allergens statement.

      Dummy tiers can be incorporated into a design to add extra height, complement your design for when portions are not required, or add grandeur to the visual aesthetics of your cake. Polystyrene dummies are covered and decorated to look like real cakes, and can also help reduce the weight of the cake as larger cakes tend to be very heavy.

      Please be aware that opting for dummy tiers instead of real tiers in your cake design could lead to a slightly lower overall cost. However, It's important to note, that a substantial portion of the cake's price is attributed to the time spent on decoration. As a result, the cost difference will be minimal and should not be considered as a cost saving option. 

      Delivery & Set up

      We deliver our cakes all over Scotland and beyond

      Due to the delicate nature of wedding cakes and sugar flowers, I will personally deliver and set your cake up at your venue. Our delivery fee changes based on the location. When you first enquire about our availability, we'll provide you with the specific delivery fee for your chosen venue. To make sure the delivery goes well, please give us the complete venue address.

      Please note

      • We do not supply plain iced cakes.
      • We do not dress any of my designs with fresh/faux flowers.
      • I do not offer tiered Naked/Semi naked cakes. Buttercream designs are only available for local delivery during the cooler months.
      • Regrettably, I am no longer able to offer eggless, vegan, or dairy-free cakes.

      Recommended supplier

      I feel fortunate to have been invited to become a recommended supplier to the following venues as well as delivering to many other beautiful venues all across Scotland. 


      *Cutting cakes to be served from the kitchen to make up portions from £105. Only available with a cake order.

      *Wedding cupcakes from £4.00 (increments of 12) - only available with a cake order.

      *Wedding cookies from £4.00 (increments of 12) - only available with a cake order.

      *Stand hire from £25 - Only available with a cake order. Please ask for a copy of Fay's hire brochure.

      Kind words

      I may be biased but I’m convinced this was the most beautiful cake you’ve ever made! I was staring at it all day. I could not wrap my head around the fact those were sugar flowers and not real flowers… this cake was absolutely gorgeous from top to bottom!!! Thank you so much for bringing this cake to life!

      Matthew & Krista, 10/05/23, Borthwick Castle

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