Sugar flowers are never out of season

"Luxury is in each detail" Hubert de Givenchy

Sugar artistry & the details

All the flowers see here are lovingly hand-made from sugar-paste, each petal is shaped, formed and dusted by hand making sugar flowers my speciality. Which means they can be personalised to match the flower’s natural colors or your wedding color palette. 

We can also work to a bespoke list made up of the flowers your florist is providing you for your wedding day.

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    A mixture of mustard Grandiflora roses, with dusky pink peony, lilac carrnations, red poppies, a mixture of tulips, blue iris's, clematis, cream lilacs, wheat, foliage and hanging fruits with concrete effect base.

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      Sugar pompom dahlias, scabious, peach roses and snapdragon with a mixture of foliage with touches of dried pampas grass and textured tiers.

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        Something blue

        Sugar ivory roses, stocks, pholx, blue hydrangeas, eucalyptus and a selection of grey/green foliage with dusted blue ombre effect on all tiers.


        An oversized set of sugr open roses, spray roses, peonies, eustoma and sweetpeas and lots of soft sage green leaves with pink dusted ombre effect on the bottom tier. 


        Blue water colour, silver leaf with sugar roses, blue hydrangeas, gypsophila, rose leaves & eucalyptus leaves.

        Roses & thisles

        White on white royall iced stencilled cake with sugar roses, thisles & leaves.

        Summer time

        Orangey pink icelandic poppy, creamy pink rose, darker pink dogwood rose, pale pink astilbe, filler flowers, buds, greenery and white ruscus with beautiful hand dyed silk ribbons with textured line tiers.


        Pretty colour palette, with cream cosmos, open peonies, buds and berries and lilac clover.


        Bright bougainvillea with foliage can be made in any colour and folded sugar lines.

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        These beautful chrysanthemums and foliage are very much a labour of love.

        David Austin rose


        Beautiful David Austin, gardens roses, fressias, buds and light green ruscus foliage. 

        Dusky rose

        Icelandic poppy

        Over sized sugar open poppy with dusted berries, leaves with touches of dried flowers and bas relief pattern throughout the design with concrete effect and bas relief.


        Garden florals

        A mixture of garden flowers, roses, sweetpeas, freesias, purple astilbe, forget me nots, hidden butterlies and rose leaves and royal iced stencil on the bottom tier. 

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        Standing florals

        Over sized dahlia with a pink butterfly ranuculus, climbing roses, rose leaves, gypsophila, blue hydrangeas and eucalyptus leaves. 

        floral hoop


        Pink and white dahlias, dusky pink rose, berries, buds, gold painted buds with eucalyptus leaves and a beautiful hand dyed silk ribbon that can be matched to your bridesmaids dresses.

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        A mixture of roses amd rose buds, charm peony and open peonies, freeshias and rose leaves.

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        climbing roses

        Dusted mulberry climbing roses can be made in any colour.

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        Something Blue

        Cream dahlia, off white rose, heritage rose, garden rose with gypsophila and blue hydrangeas throughout and rose leaves.

        Full Rose topper

        Pale pink oversized rose, smaller white roses plus some mini climbing roses, filled in with leaves, berries, and hydrangeas.

        Open peony

        Deep red open peony and white rose with green wired leaf garland colored royal icing textured green tier.

        Closed peonies

        Peaches and cream closed peonies, buds and peony leaves.

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        David Austin & Roses

        Beautiful colors for a winter wedding, burgundy David Austin roses, with dusky pink roses and buds with dark red Astilbe, a mixture of rose leaves, seeded eucalyptus and rosemary. 

        David Austin rose

        David Austin rose

        Beautiful burgundy David Austin rose, can be made in any color.

        Dusky rose


        Classic rose can be made in any color and a variety of sizes



        Dusted Anemones with leaves, can be made in any color with grey marble tiers and edible gold leaf.

        floral hoop

        Floral hoop

        Hoops come in silver, gold or wooden. On this gold hoop is white roses, peach garden rose and rose leaves. most flowers can be made for this design. Glitter and gold leaf tiers.

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        Spring time

        Sugar peonies, lavender, freesias, gypsophila, hydrangeas, eucalyptus and rose leaves with sugar line ruffles and glitter.

        Garden roses

        Mixed garden roses with lavender, freshias, gypsophilla and leaves with lustre and marble tier.

        Flower wreath

        Full flower garland made up of leaves, roses, buds, anemones, and lavender.

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        Roses & thisles

        Sugar Bulgarian roses, buds, thistles, rose leaves & eucalyptus leaves with glitter and sugar line ruffles.

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